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"To provide fast and reliable trading platforms that seamlessly connect with your desired broker and help you place trades systematically. We want to empower every retail trader with the power of algorithms and automation to make their trading journey smoother and more profitable"

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Our trading courses provide specialized strategies for commodities like Gold (GOLDM), Silver (SILVER M), Crude Oil (CRUDE M), and indices including Nifty, Banknifty, and Finnifty. Each course is designed to enhance your trading capabilities in these specific markets.

Algoqueen is our advanced trading software that automates your trading activities. It integrates sophisticated algorithms that execute trades based on pre-defined strategies, helping to maximize efficiency and accuracy. The software is fully capable of managing and executing trades on its own once set up, allowing for hands-free trading that adheres to your specified risk and reward parameters.

Post-course support includes access to a dedicated helpdesk, periodic updates to strategies and software, and membership in an exclusive community of traders. Our support team is available to help you troubleshoot any issues with the Algoqueen platform and to assist in refining your trading strategies.

Yes, our courses include comprehensive hands-on training sessions where you will learn how to set up and manage the Algoqueen platform. These sessions ensure you are fully equipped to utilize all the features of the software to execute trades automatically.

While returns can vary based on market conditions and capital invested, our courses are designed with strategies aiming for quarterly returns of 15-50%. Please note that trading involves risk, including the potential loss of capital, and returns cannot be guaranteed.

The minimum capital requirement depends on the specific course and market:
- *For commodity courses (Gold, Silver, Crude Oil):* ₹1 lakh per commodity.
- *For stock and index futures:* ₹2 lakh per stock future.
- *For basic index options and futures trading:* ₹50,000 for one index.

Risk management is a cornerstone of our training. Each course teaches how to manage risks with strategies designed to limit drawdowns to 20-40%, depending on the specific trading area. We emphasize the importance of risk assessment and management in all our trading activities.

We regularly update our trading strategies to reflect market changes and new insights. Subscribers will receive notifications of updates and can access them through the Algoqueen platform or during follow-up sessions.

ALGOQUEEN SOFTWARE PRIVATE LIMITED is an algotrading platform that connects various platform like Amibroker, MT4, and TradingView to your broker via API, and help retail traders and Investor to manage their wealth smartly. Please consult your financial advisor before investing/trading via our platform. Algoqueein is not liable for any losses that occurred due to any reason whatsoever due to our platform.

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